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[ Video ] 《蔬果抗癌谁才是王牌》【8TV Eve’s Diary Episode 120 夏娃记事本】with Esther Peh 彭韵鸰

Video talk show on the topic of  “《蔬果抗癌谁才是王牌》” with Esther Peh 彭韵鸰 on 8TV Eve’s Diary 夏娃记事本  [Episode 120: 12 Oct 2015 ]


This video is brought to you by Esther Peh, Naturopath specialised in Nutritional Therapy 彭韵鸰, 自然疗法兼营养治疗师

Guest Speaker:
Esther Peh

Lynn Lim 林佩盈

Video Credits:
Show: 8TV Eve’s Diary 夏娃记事本
Episode 120: 12 October 2015

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